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Mar 29, If you are wondering when to prune Leyland Cypress, then summer is your best time frame. During the first year, trim the top and sides to start forming the shape you desire. During the second and third year, trim just the side branches that have wandered out too far to best saw for cutting trees, Laurel MD and encourage foliage stumpdrop.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 15, The best time to prune is in early spring, before the annual growth spurt begins.

This also gives you the chance to sort out any winter damage. The dense foliage of a leylandii can collect a lot of snow and ice, so broken branches aren’t unheard of.

If you feel like doing some more light shaping any time through to about mid-summer, though, go ahead/5(K). Nov 28, Leyland cypress trees also respond well to light pruning or shearing later in the growing season anytime between spring and early-to-mid summer.

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However, avoid pruning a. Sep 28, Prune your Leyland cypress preferably at the end of summer or at the beginning of spring. Feel free to prune severely because cypress tends to grow very, very fast. A heavy pruning end of August is enough to keep this growth under control.

That is also the season where sap descends and so it will slow the cypress’s growth a stumpdrop.clubted Reading Time: 4 mins. May 31, Perform routine trimming in April through August. Spring and summer are the growing seasons for Leyland cypress plants. You can trim the plant throughout this period, but you are better off saving heavy pruning for the beginning of spring.

Cutting the plant after August leaves it exposed to harsh winter weather, which can kill your cypress%(37). Apr 03, When you are rejuvenating a cypress tree that is overgrown, begin cypress tree trimming just before new growth begins in the springtime.

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You can pick up the pruners again in late spring or early summer if necessary to control growth or maintain an attractive tree shape.

Tips on Cutting Back Cypress Trees. Apr 26, Trim the sides of Leyland cypress trees every year in July. After the leader has reached the height you want the tree to retain, make a pruning cut a few inches below that (which will leave room for the vertical growth of minor branches) to preclude any further significant upward growth, as you would do when pollarding a tree. Trim long branches and shoots to the same length with pruning clippers in early spring after one year of growth.

2 Prune all but three or four side shoots by cutting them at the main branch in. Aug 19, Leyland cypress, x Cupressocyparis leylandii, has been hugely popular over the past 20 years as an ornamental landscape has the reputation of being a beautiful evergreen that can grow at a rate of up to 3 to 4 feet per year.

Sounds like the perfect option for someone looking to make their back yard more secluded and private. In general, the best time to prune is in late winter and early spring, when plants have plenty of stored energy and risk of freeze damage is low. The next best time is in early summer after the foliage has matured.

Late fall or early winter pruning means that wounds on the tree stay fresh until spring. But for the best results, know your tree.

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