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It is a cosmetic bug when you have a lot of VLANs with spanning tree.

Mar 17, E.g. you have something like"no spanning-tree vlan 19" and some more settings like like"spanning-tree vlanpriority" the solution to remove the"no [ ]" entry is. 1. spanning-tree vlan 19 => this removes the"no [ ]" setting.

Because you already had the vlan 19 in the [priority setting, nothing else needs to be done here. If you had as another example no vlan 19 included in the priority setting, simply add. 2. spanning-tree vlan Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. So I still don't think it's correct to say that it's disabling STP. To completely disable spanning tree, we would need the no spanning-tree vlan command. One could argue that using BPDU filter is disabling STP as well, although I'm not entirely sure I would call it that stumpdrop.clubg: South Hill.

End with CNTL/Z. stumpdrop.club01(config)#spanning-tree vlan 1 stumpdrop.club01(config)#exit stumpdrop.club01# To disable Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on an IOS based switch use"no spanning-tree vlan vlan_number" command from global configuration mode as shown stumpdrop.clubg: South Hill.

The single rapid spanning tree controls all the VLANs. The VLAN can opt in and out of this single rapid spanning tree using the spanning-tree command under the VLAN prompt.

If there is a “spanning-tree” configuration under the VLAN, that VLAN will be with that single w instance’s control, which implies that the VLAN traffic is subject to blocking or forwarding by that spanning tree instance.

Per VLAN spanning tree Missing: South Hill. Sep 22, To reduce the number of active spanning-tree instances, you have a several options: If your switches are all Cisco and running in VTP server or client mode, then you can enable VLAN pruning on the VTP server (s) with the vtp pruning command.

This will prune unnecessary VLANs from your trunk links stumpdrop.clubg: South Hill. Mar 02, The spanning tree feature cannot be turned off in switches on a per port basis. Although it is not recommended, you can turn off Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on a per-VLAN Missing: South Hill. Oct 04, One solution to the problem is to simply disable spanning tree on the switch. This is the wrong solution.

The right solution is to configure a feature called PortFast on Cisco switches. (Most switch vendors have a similar feature.) You configure the command “spanning-tree portfast” on all the ports connecting to end devices like stumpdrop.clubg: South Hill.

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